Can I See Who I Requested to Follow on Instagram?


Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2010. With over a billion active users, Instagram is a hub for sharing photos, videos, and connecting with people from all around the world. While Instagram offers a wide array of features, one common question that many users have is, “Can I see who I requested to follow on Instagram?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various aspects of Instagram’s privacy and features to help you understand how Instagram handles follow requests, and whether you can actually see who you’ve requested to follow.

Understanding Instagram Follow Requests

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Instagram’s follow request system, let’s establish the basics of how it all works.

  1. Public vs. Private Accounts: On Instagram, there are two types of accounts: public and private. Public accounts are open for everyone to see, and anyone can follow them without needing approval. Private accounts, on the other hand, require the account holder to approve or decline follow requests.
  2. Follow Requests: When you follow someone with a private account, your request goes into their “Follow Requests” queue. They receive a notification about your request, along with a list of your recent interactions on the platform, such as comments or likes on their posts.
  3. Approval or Denial: The owner of the private account can choose to either accept your follow request or decline it. If they accept, you become a follower and gain access to their posts. If they decline, your follow request is rejected, and you won’t be able to see their private posts.

Now, let’s answer the million-dollar question: “Can I see who I requested to follow on Instagram?”

Can You See Who You Requested to Follow on Instagram?

The short answer is no; Instagram does not provide a feature that allows you to see a list of people you’ve requested to follow on the platform. The reason behind this design choice is primarily privacy and user discretion. Instagram respects the privacy of its users and doesn’t reveal pending follow requests to the person who sent them. This approach is in line with their commitment to user security and control over their accounts.

However, there are some indirect ways to get an idea of who you’ve sent follow requests to:

  1. Notification Status: If the person you’ve requested to follow approves your request, you’ll receive a notification that they’ve accepted your request, and they’ll be added to your followers list.
  2. Follow Requests Sent: While you can’t see a list of people you’ve requested to follow, you can check your “Follow Requests Sent” status. To access this list, follow these steps:

a. Open your Instagram profile by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.

b. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open the menu.

c. Select “Settings.”

d. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy.”

e. Tap on “Account Privacy.”

f. Under “Connections,” select “Follow Requests Sent.”

Here, you’ll see a list of the accounts you’ve sent follow requests to. However, this list only shows the accounts you’ve sent requests to, not whether those requests have been accepted or declined.

So, while you can keep track of the requests you’ve sent, you won’t have visibility into the specific status of each request, whether it’s pending, accepted, or declined. Instagram intentionally maintains this system to protect users’ privacy.

Why Instagram Doesn’t Reveal Pending Follow Requests

The decision to keep pending follow requests private has a lot to do with user privacy and security. Instagram prioritizes the following aspects:

  1. User Privacy: Many users follow accounts for personal or private reasons. They might not want others to know who they’ve requested to follow for various reasons, including maintaining their online privacy, keeping certain relationships confidential, or for any other personal motivations.
  2. Safety and Security: Revealing pending follow requests can lead to potential privacy violations and security issues. If users could see their sent follow requests, they might be tempted to engage in unwanted behavior or harassment towards those who decline their requests. By keeping the process discreet, Instagram aims to create a safer environment for its users.
  3. User Control: Instagram values user autonomy. The platform empowers users to make choices about who they want to connect with and who they want to keep at arm’s length. By not revealing pending follow requests, Instagram ensures that users have the freedom to manage their connections in a way that feels comfortable and secure.

Tips for Managing Your Follow Requests on Instagram

Since you can’t directly see who you’ve requested to follow, here are some tips on how to manage your follow requests effectively:

  1. Be Respectful: When sending follow requests, always be respectful of the other person’s privacy. Don’t send repeated requests or engage in unwanted behavior if your request is declined.
  2. Review Your Sent Requests: Periodically review your “Follow Requests Sent” list. This can help you identify if someone you’ve been trying to connect with has accepted your request, as you’ll see them in your followers list.
  3. Use Direct Messages: If you have a genuine reason to connect with someone but they haven’t responded to your follow request, you can try sending them a polite direct message explaining your intentions. Be courteous and respect their response, whether it’s positive or negative.
  4. Keep Your Profile Appealing: Make sure your Instagram profile is well-maintained and appealing. A compelling profile with interesting content is more likely to attract followers.
  5. Reconsider Your Reasons: Reflect on why you want to follow a particular account. If it’s for positive and genuine reasons, it’s more likely that your request will be accepted.


In the world of Instagram, follow requests are an integral part of connecting with other users, especially if their accounts are set to private. While you can’t see a list of people you’ve requested to follow, you have control over your own follow requests. Instagram’s commitment to user privacy and security dictates this design choice. Remember, the platform provides you with tools to manage your follow requests effectively, but it’s essential to respect the boundaries and choices of other users.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the status of your Instagram follow requests, know that Instagram keeps this information private to protect its users and their online experiences. While it might be frustrating not to have this information readily available, it’s ultimately for the greater good of maintaining a safe and respectful online community.