Do I Have to Pay for Seat Assignment on spirit airlines


The process of seat allocation might be a bit confusing for those who are travelling for the first time. Your seat selection or seat number will not be available on your booked ticket. The Airlines assign the seat number or seat assignment on the boarding pass. Here we will tell you about the most updated information about the Spirit Flight seat selection. You do not have to select your seats in the aircraft.

What If I don’t pre book my Spirit Seat

Not concerned with your seat? Spirit will give you a complimentary seat assignment at check-in, but we can’t promise that you’ll get to sit alongside your loved ones. Our gate agents and flight attendants will attempt to assign nearby seats wherever feasible if guests traveling with children under the age of 13 do not want to pre-select seats when making their reservation.
You are able to purchase a seat assignment and select the seat of your choice. Starting at just $5, seat allocations differ based on the aircraft’s location and particular itineraries. Extra legroom is available with a Big Front Seat TM for a little bit more. When you book online, you can examine the cost of the seats on your flight on the Seats page in My Trips.

Seat Dimensions of Spirit Airlines

Ten spacious front seats (width: 22″, pitch: 37″, under seat area: 20.8″ x 22″ at widest point) are located in the front of the aircraft.

135 premium leather seats (18″ x 20″ under the seat; pitch: 28–31”, width: 17”).
For guests with impairments, nine seats are set aside.

Rows 1–5 have non-moving armrest chairs.
Two seats without windows in the final row
Pitch: 38″; 6 exit seats over the wings
Two galleys: one located to the right of the aircraft’s front and one to the right of its rear
There are two restrooms on the aircraft: one on the left side and one in the back.
20″ x 25″ in front
Rear: 22″ x 25″ with 6 exits: 2 up front, 2 above the wing, and 2 at the rear
17″ is the aisle width. 

The pricing and cost of the seat will be different according to the quality of comfort and size of the seat. Here we have mentioned the size and dimensions of the seat, you can check the price on the map and select the most suitable seat for you. After getting the boarding pass you can check the allocated seat number there.


Spirit Airlines charge you for the selection of seats just like other airlines. It does not mean that if you have not selected a seat, you will not get a chance to sit, you will get an auto assigned seat from Spirit Airlines. It is completely possible that you want to pay for the seat assignment to get any specific seat or want to travel on a free random seat.