Everything About Quordle Com


Tired of solving the same puzzle repeatedly? Looking for a combination of trivia and word knowledge? Be it parties, social gatherings or family fun, word games always make one forget about the stress. It goes beyond just connection with new people as it also helps in practising social skills. 

So if you’re looking forward to levelling up your Wordle fun, then opt for Qourdle today. It is a new online puzzle game made by the fan group of Wordle. Furthermore, here is everything you need to know about this fast-paced social game such as its different modes, how to play, rules, some best tips, etc.

What is Qourdle?

Qourdle is a word-guessing game that gives out random words every day. Despite being four times more difficult than Wordle, players need to correctly guess four different words for the game to win. Besides the fact that qourdle com uses its keyboard underneath to display the correct letters in each word box is a great advantage.

In other words, it is an online game and a Wordle solver task which is multiplied by a factor of 4. Colour clues will conceal which letters are and are not included in hidden words. The grids are consequently split into 4 portions, each having a different colour depending on which side of the game it is. 

How many Modes are there in the Qourdle Game?

Planning to play the Qourdle game? The game has 3 different modes and here is what you must know beforehand:

  • The daily Qourdles- Each day players get only one chance to win. 
  • A sequence mode- It makes one unsolved word visible at a time. In this players get 10 chances. Also, the next board gets unlocked once the previous one is solved. 
  • Practice mode- This mode offers unlimited chances. In this, you can play all without losing progress.

How to Play Quordle?    

Wondering how to play the Qourdle game? Here is what you need to know:

  • In the game, users get nine chances to correctly guess 4 words. 
  • After each guess, the colours of the letters will alter to provide you with cues as to the hidden word. 
  • To begin the game and receive hints, simply type any acceptable five-letter phrase. 
  • In each of the game’s four sections, this word will appear at the same time. Also, each letter’s colour will change following each guess. 
  • To win in Qourdle com you must correctly guess all four words and turn every letter green. 
  • Next, you need to complete four-word problems at once to test and it must be figured out within nine attempts. 

Once you finish playing the game successfully, don’t forget to take a picture of your completed puzzle or post your score on social media. 

Few Rules of the Quordle Game 

Here are a few rules that you must know while playing Qourdle Com:

  • To figure out all four words, follow the letter cues. 
  • If correctly predicted and placed, the letters will be highlighted in green. 
  • If not in the proper position, the letters will be highlighted in yellow. 
  • If not in the word, the letters will turn grey. 
  • Remember, to win, you must guess each word correctly in each round of the game. 

Is Qourdle Free to Play?

Wondering if there are any changes to playing Qourdle today? The answer is no. The game and all different modes are fully free to play. The game doesn’t involve any ads or subscriptions. The game is globally accessible and doesn’t require any logins/sign-ups to play. Moreover, users can also access a previously played Qourdle Com dashboard on its website. As a result, one can practice before participating in the live competition. 

Best Tips and Strategies to Play Quordle 

It is no surprise that Quordle is a difficult game. Are you playing Qourdle today? Looking for some help? Here are some best tips and strategies to play the game in the best manner:

  • If you find 3 or more letters after playing 1 or 2 words in any of the puzzles, let them be for a bit. Concentrate on locating more letters for any of the puzzles that haven’t shown many green or yellow squares. Later, come back and address the one you left behind. Remember, the faster you guess a word, the more quickly you can crack the remaining words. 
  • No doubt you should look for additional letters for words with few letters. But this doesn’t mean you should focus on any one word for a longer period of time. It might be difficult to find a solution for every Qourdle today if you waste too many turns to solve a single puzzle. 
  • As words may become less beneficial when there are 4 puzzles instead of just 1, make sure to find your greatest Qourdle opening words. 
  • Do not select words that are hard, instead choose the simple letters. Also, pick words with different letters as it will help you try extra letters. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many attempts are available in the game?

A total of nine attempts are allowed to decipher the words and each wrong attempt costs one. 

Are there any charges to play Qourdle? 

The Qourdle game is completely free of cost, ads and subscriptions. All you need is your smartphone. 

How many can you guess in Qourdle?

In the Qourdle game, you can guess 4 words at once. 

Is it difficult to play the Qourdle game? 

Yes! The Qourdle game is 4 times more difficult as compared to the Wordle game and is a mixed bag. There are both easy as well as hard words to guess. However, all you need is to play with your mind paying full attention and not giving up easily. 

The New-strategy Puzzle Game 

This new word game has no doubt taken the world by storm. Both young and old people are enjoying this game and its twists. Whether you play against your friends or other strangers, it is a great way to spend some quality time upgrading your knowledge and skills. Besides, the best part is that all you need is a mobile/smartphone to play.