5 Free Animation Tools for Beginners


In today’s digital marketing world, animated visuals play an important role. They generate the highest number of shares on social media and also create brand awareness. And it’s no secret that most people fail to create good videos. Be it to boost SEO or increase conversions, video animations are huge in demand. Wondering how to make your own video animation? To help you here are some video animation tools that will help you promote your business.


Looking for the best animation tools for beginners? Animaker is the best option here. It is a free animation tool with easy drag-and-drop functions. You can make different types of animated videos such as horizontal, vertical, HD support, layouts, premade graphics, whiteboard, typography, etc. 

It also allows users to add sound effects, background music and voiceover. You can also use your own tunes and sounds from Animaker’s library. However, for advanced features, you can pay for the pro version. 


Another top free animation tool is OpenToonz. It can be used for both commercial as well as non-commercial purposes. It comes with various features such as digital drawing tools, effects and compositing, indexed colour palettes, motion tracking, scripting, frame-by-frame animation, scan and cleanup, etc. 

Don’t have the time to edit? To make beautiful animation effects automatically, you can easily use plug-ins. Simply put, you can make pretty advanced animations. The app is free to use and compatible with OSX and Windows. 


Another go-to animation tool for beginners is Blender. It is popular among video game specialists as well as studio artists. It comes with excellent features such as animation, lighting, digital sculpting, modelling, video editing, motion tracking, video edition, simulation, etc. The tools also include a character animation pose editor. 

Besides, you can draw directly in 3D and then combine 2D/3D art. The best part about using this software is that it has its own inbuilt production render engine to speed up the process. Besides, it also provides users with real-time feedback. 


Another best animation tool is Powtoon. The tool is used by various brands to create animated guides and tutorials. It is also used for more complex tasks like video tutorials, animated presentations, YouTube videos, etc. 

The interface is very easy and beginner friendly. The tool comes with a library and also you can directly share finished videos to social media platforms. Overall, it is great for brands and small businesses. 


Be it personal or for business use, Pixteller is another best animation tool. It is full-featured and allows users to create short animated videos. From editing each frame, setting frame-by-frame motions, customising templates, and adding unique text effects to adding shapes, it offers a lot of features. 

In addition to sharing the URL, you can also download it in GIF and MP4 formats. Overall the tool is popular among freelancers, bloggers and marketers. It is free to use and for users who want access to advanced features can opt for premium plans.