How to Send a Folder in Gmail Without Zip?


Sending files and folders through emails has become a common routine chore for everyone around. But sometimes sending a zip file may seem like a daunting task. Have you been thinking about how to send Folder in Gmail without Zip? Well, Gmail has placed file size limitations and turning your folders into zip files will not help. 

This is because the service only accepts file lengths of around 25 MB or less than that. In case you have a larger folder to share and do not want to face the struggle of zipping it up, then you are at the right place. Here you will learn how to attach a Folder in Gmail without Zip just by following a few steps. 

How to Send Folders in Gmail Via Google Drive?

When wanting to know how to send Folder in Gmail without Zip, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • In the top left corner, you will locate a “New” button that you must click and then choose the option of ” folder upload “.

How to Send Folder Via Gmail?

To know the answer to how to send Folder in Gmail without Zip, here are the necessary steps that you must follow.

What are the Cons of Zip?

Now that you know how to attach a folder in Gmail without Zip, let’s tell you about the disadvantages as well before you leave. 

Ineffective Compression 

When folders of large sizes are transformed into zip format, they become ineffectively compressed. Although the size still remains more than the actual Gmail file limit. So even when the folder is converted into a zip format, it will still be impossible to send it via email.

Compression Time

When you compress a large folder, it might take a little time. But if you choose to use Google Drive to upload a folder, it might take just a few minutes. 


You must know the ways to secure a compressed file. This is because finished zipped files are encrypted but uploading them to a third-party application can put them at risk. It is also important to keep in mind that the corrupted ZIP file extension can take place and damage the entire ZIP folder.


It can become difficult to decompress a zip file at the user’s end in order to access the contents of the folder.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sending Folders in Gmail without the Zip

Does Google Drive Have Any Folder Limit?

Yes, Google Drive has a folder limit that exceeds 500,000 or 10 GB of files.

Is It Possible that Others Can Have Access to Your Google Drive Files?

The short answer to this question is No. The folders remain private until they are shared with the public with your consent. Only the file owner has the power to change the accessibility of the folders.

Are the Folders Kept in the Drive at Risk? 

There is no risk when you keep the files saved in Google Drive. It is consistently backed up and stored in the cloud making sure that nothing happens to them.