Maximizing Efficiency with Titan Advantage 440



For an endless number of projects, the Titan advantage 440 is the ideal option. intended to consistently spray 50–100 gallons each week. Quad+ Packings are engineered to wipe clean the main sealing lip and piston during operation to protect them from abrasive coatings. No other paint sprayer can ever match its golden features. Enjoy yourself while paint-spraying!. For residential, small commercial, and property maintenance applications, theTitan advantage 440 is the perfect tool. Effortlessly apply any common architectural primer, paint, or coating with this powerful electric airless sprayer. In this blog, we will explore maximizing efficiency with Titan advantage 440. 

How To Paint Using The Titan Advantage 440?

Insert the siphon tube into a paint container of the Titan advantage 440. Insert the return hose into a waste container made of metal. Select the “MIN” setting on the pressure control knob to reduce the pressure to the absolute minimum. Set the SPRAY/PRIME valve to the PRIME setting. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the ON position to activate the sprayer.

Let the sprayer run until paint enters the metal waste container via the return hose. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position to shut off the sprayer.

After taking it out of the waste container, position the return hose above the paint container and put it in use.Press the SPRAY button on the PRIME/SPRAY valve. Switch on the mister. Turn the gun’s trigger lock to the unlocked position to unlock the firearm.

When the paint is flowing freely from the gun of the Titan advantage 440 and all air and solvent have been flushed from the spray hose, trigger the gun into the metal waste container. To secure the firearm, press the trigger lock to the locked position.

Switch off the mister.  As directed by the tip guard or tip manuals, attach the tip guard and tip to the gun. Activate the mister. Turn the pressure control knob slowly in a clockwise direction to increase the pressure, then test the spray pattern on a piece of cardboard. Once the gun’s spray is fully atomized, turn the pressure control knob. In order to maintain good atomization, try to keep the pressure control knob at the lowest setting.

Expert Painting Outcomes With The Titan Advantage 440

If applied, the following methods will guarantee expert painting outcomes with the Titan Advantage 440.

Always maintain an equal distance between the gun and the surface by holding it perpendicular to the surface. The distance between the gun and the material (e.g., desired spray pattern, surface) should be 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 cm).

Move the gun steadily across the surface or up and down it. Consistently moving the gun saves material and offers uniform coverage. When spraying at the proper pace, a full, wet coat of paint can be applied without sagging or running.

A thinner spray pattern and more paint are applied to the surface when the gun is held closer to the surface. A thinner coat and broader spray are produced by holding the gun farther away from the surface. To avoid runs, sags, or overspray, switch to a spray tip with a narrower opening. A wider aperture tip should be used if there is not enough paint on the surface or if you would want to spray more quickly.

Continue using a consistent spray stroke movement. Spray left to right and right to left in alternating directions. Start the gun moving before you pull the trigger.

What Can Titan Advantage 440 Do?

  1. It can spray stains, lacquers, enamels, latex, and other low and medium viscosity coatings.
  2. The industry’s best-selling sprayer has been improved with more features and functionality.
  3. Designed to reliably spray between 50 and 100 gallons every week.
  4. By wiping away abrasive coatings while in use, Quad PackingsTM helps keep the main sealing lip and piston safe.
  5. By pressing a button, you can directly apply oil from the reservoir to the packings with AutoOilerTM.
  6. You can free a stuck lower ball valve without a hammer by using the Sureflo Pusher Valve.
  7. The flushing and cleanup process is sped up by Electronic Pressure Control with Fast Clean.
  8. The PermaLife Cylinder is indestructible and never needs to be replaced, manifold filter in full size.

Associated Accessories

  1. Hea Tips

Titan’s line of tips features revolutionary spray technology that reduces overspray and prolongs pump life, all while putting paint where it belongs. All architectural paints and coatings are optimally sprayed at 1,000 psi at production speed. It reduces overspray by up to 55% so that contractors can apply more spray. The maximum working pressure : 5000 PSI (53.1 MPa).

  1. RX-Pro Airless Gun

A revolutionary spray gun designed to fit your workflow is the RX-Pro®. Ergonomically designed with comfort and control to take the pain out of painting. 30% lighter than competitors’ trigger pulls, the ultra-light trigger reduces fatigue. Customize the FingerPrint Grip® to ensure that it fits any painter’s hand comfortably. By switching the ball and reversing the seat, Infinity Packing® doubles the gun life.


In conclusion, The Titan Advantage 440 is the ideal tool for use in home, small commercial, and property care applications. With this strong electric airless sprayer, you can apply any typical architectural primer, paint, or finish with ease. Stains, lacquers, enamels, latex, and other low-to medium-viscosity coatings can all be sprayed with it. The most popular sprayer on the market has been enhanced with more features and capabilities. It is intended to consistently spray 50–100 gallons each week.