Signs Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually


Is he/she thinking about me sexually? Or is it just me who thinks this way?  The urge to find out how someone thinks about you sexually is quite common whether you are a male or female. 

People have been trying to find out what are the signs someone is thinking about you sexually and expecting to get answers on this. 

It is obvious because you cannot go and ask the person directly about their sexual feelings. But just like there are solutions to everything, you can now get your answer with the tips listed below. 

How to find out if someone thinks about you sexually? 

Finding out about the signs someone is thinking about you sexually could be very confusing. This is why here is a list of possibilities to guide you through such situations when you are in a dilemma. 

  • The way they look at you 

You must have heard of the phrase where they say “eyes never lie”. If you want to find out how someone thinks about you in a sexual way, then try to understand the way they look at you. 

They would either stare at you for a longer time than usual or would check you out in a seductive way. Chances are they may also look at the parts of your body which are revealing.

  • See if they notice you 

One of the most common signs someone is thinking about you sexually is this. You would find the person noticing every small movement of yours. 

They would notice how you walk, what you wore yesterday and even what you did the whole time. 

So if the person you are assuming about monitors the things you do for yourself, then there are possibilities of them thinking about you sexually. 

  • Understand the way they touch you 

What can be a better sign someone is thinking about you sexually than understanding the way they touch you. Anyone who thinks that way about you will never be able to hide it in their touch. 

They could either touch your butt or waist too tightly. It is even possible for them to grab you once they get the chance. So to find out about their thoughts towards you, try to observe the way their touch feels. 

  • Flirts with you 

Some people are flirtatious naturally because it is their personality. While others are only around people to whom they feel sexually attracted to and you could be one of them. 

If you know the person for a long time, then it would be easier for you to know their intentions. 

But if you have met them recently, then try to observe their behaviour towards others. Any person who is sexually attracted to you will try to flirt with you every chance they get.

  • Find out what they say 

If the person you want to know about talks to you, then try to find out the words they say. The words that come out of their mouth when they talk to you will say it all. 

Some of the time they might be confused when talking to you. The rest of the time they would crack adult jokes or talk about too personal stuff. So that would be a great way to find out their intention towards you.

  • Type of compliment they give you

Depending on the way a person compliments you will help you to know their thoughts. If a person is attracted to you sexually, they would mostly compliment your body. 

For instance “Your bust is quite tempting”, or “you have a sexy body”. 

A person who feels sexually attracted to you will never be able to keep their thoughts behind. It will always find a way to come out especially in the form of compliments. 

Take it Easy, Wait… 

It is important to remember that if a person is sexually attracted to you does not mean that they want to date you. If you and him/her both are on the same page, then it would not be a problem. But if it is not so, then drop the idea of such things and wait for the other person to give some more hints.  Besides that, it is very important to be realistic about your expectations and clear about what you see. Know that expecting too much can break your heart and it is pretty sure that you would not want that for yourself.