Signs You Now Need Rental Printers


Every company that relies on paperwork requires printers and copiers. Many new businesses buy new printers to complete their daily office chores. However, as the business progresses and scales, the printing needs are also increased. Not only do the printing needs increase, but you also start experiencing certain workplace problems. This includes increased time for each print job, poor workforce efficiency, and low productivity.

The frequent delays in important tasks and frustration in employees affect your business in many ways. Therefore, when you start experiencing such signs, then it may be time to switch to rental printers. Rental printers ensure your workforce efficiency is revived without overburdening your expenses with huge upfront costs. It allows you to fulfill your printing needs as your business scales with budget-friendly and affordable plans.

Let’s dig deeper into the topic and explore telltale signs that you now need rental printers.

5 Signs You Need to Switch to Rental Printers

Outright purchases may seem like a tempting option only until they start burdening your expenses further. As your business scales, you start to experience frequent downtime, repairs, and software problems. All this leads to unnecessary expenses, which can affect your revenue growth in many ways. Renting printers, on the other hand, gives you relief by taking care of all your out-of-pocket expenses.

Here are 5 signs you need to consider renting printers.

1. Your Needs Have Exceeded

When you first bought the printer, your needs might be very little. However, as your business grows, your printing needs also grow. This makes a single printer device insufficient for all the daily office needs. As a result, the single printer always stays occupied, and it frustrates other employees by consuming their time.

That’s where rental printers can help your business fulfill its needs without purchasing and burdening your finances. The leasing terms offered by companies can be tailored according to your needs. This ensures your printing needs are always met, and you don’t pay for something extra. Considering these benefits, businesses refer to the printer rental Dubai agency to rent a printer with flexible agreement terms.

2. Your Current Hardware is Faulty

As your business scales, your printing demand increases, and the daily usage of your printers increases. As a result, they can get heated and damaged over time. This leads to frequent repairs and maintenance costs. Specifically, if you bought the printer outright, the cost of repairs falls directly on you.

Therefore, buying new printers again, which are prone to failures and crashes, isn’t a sustainable option. Instead, you can rent MFP devices, which are known to last for years. Along with this, leasing also comes with a maintenance plan that ensures all your printer issues are quickly resolved.

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3. You Waste Money Finding Compatible Toner

This is probably the biggest problem every printing department struggles with. When you buy a printer, you need to find the compatible toner along with it. Most businesses opt for third-party toners, which aren’t as sustainable as the original ones. A compatible printer is important because it increases your cost per copy.

 For example, a third-party toner will cost $.15 per copy, while the original will cost $.9 per copy. This can make a huge difference, specifically when you have a large volume of print jobs to process regularly. Renting printers saves you from this by providing you with original printing supplies along with your hardware.

4. You Are Now Large-Size Business

When you grow, you may require printers in more than one place. For example, before, you might have required a printer only in your accounting department. When it grows, you will have more teams that rely on printers to complete their daily tasks. This will require you to either buy or rent the printers.

Buying new printers as your business grows isn’t a sustainable option, as mentioned above. Not only does it have a huge upfront cost, but it can also lead to unnecessary cuts in the future. Rental printers come with flexible agreement terms that you can take advantage of. They allow you to rent as many printers as you want without worrying about your finances.

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5. Your Workforce Relies on Latest Technology

When you buy a printer, you are forced to use it until it dies. This is because most manufacturers don’t offer replacement options. Therefore, you are bound to the old technology, and your workforce efficiency is affected. Rental printers, on the other hand, save you from all these concerns.

They come with friendly agreement terms that allow you to replace your old hardware with newer technology. This ensures your workforce always has the latest technology to work with. If your workforce productivity is also affected by outdated models, then you need to rent the latest printers. For that, you can get in touch with printer rental Dubai solution providers to get the latest printers at your doorstep.

Are You Looking for Rental Printers?

Bid farewell to the hefty upfront costs and frequent maintenance and repair expenses. Rent modern-day printers that elevate your workforce efficiency and fulfill your office needs perfectly. Contact professionals now to sign up for a flexible printer renting contract.