Top 5 Mehndi Designs for Bride


No matter how you want your wedding to be or where you live, something that is a must-have for every bride is Mehndi. Every wedding is incomplete without it. And why not? It totally makes the bride look her best, be it on the hand or the feet. However, even though Mehndi is common, something that makes it unique is the designs and the basic details.

From traditional to personalized, these days there’s no shortage of mehandi ke design. Simply put, there’s something for every bride. All you need is the right person to give your hands and feet to. These days there are many Mehndi artists available too. However, the key to a perfect bride is the unique mehndi. So, if you’re worried, here are some latest mehndi designs to choose from.

1.Personalized Mehndi Design

No doubt, women wear mehndi on every occasion, but the bridal mehndi hits differently. So if you’re looking for unique mehndi designs for a bride then nothing gets better than personalizing. Be it minimal or fuller hand design, infusing personalized items can make it completely special.

Personalization has become a favorite for every couple these days as it effortlessly makes the day even more special. Also, your husband would be surprised to see his picture on your hand. So do not hesitate to flaunt and talk about your love story to the world. Surely it is one of the best mehndi designs for a bride.

You can choose from different options such as names, wedding dates, couples portrait, favorite TV character, wedding hashtag, cute elements, your partner’s hobby, app logo, add a love quote, favorite show, proposal moment, travel story, and many more.

2.White Henna

Looking forward to a pastel wedding outfit? Guess you’re looking for something unique. Talking about a mehandi ke design that would go best with a pastel outfit is white henna. Be it sangeet or cocktail night, white henna makes a statement in itself. White henna always manages to grab attention as it creates a romantic lace-like design.

You can choose from different designs such as minimal design, white mehndi with embellishments, white Arabic design, bracelet style white mehndi design, a fuller hand with diamantes, petite design, lace-inspired glove style, wrist length with jharokha detailing, leaf style white mehndi design, tikki mehndi design, white henna with gold detailing, minimal tribal art design, etc.

3.Royal Mehndi Design

Another best mehndi design for brides is the royal mehndi design. This stunning design never goes out of style. It gets into the spirit of wedding occasions and adds colours to the cultural event. While the details of the royal mehndi are stunning, the front hand offers a great impression. With detail and creativity, this mehndi design can surely make heads turn.

You can add from the tips of the fingers to the forearm with Indian culture designs, deep intricate patterns as well as floral patterns too. To make it look more beautiful you can also add strokes and double-linings. Besides, you can choose from different royal mehndi designs such as peacocks, horses, kings, queens, elephants, umbrellas, palace arches, etc.

4.Minimalist Mehndi Design

Tired of heavy designs? Looking for a simple and quick mehandi ke design? A great option here is minimalist mehndi designs. Not every bride loves over-the-top heavy design, some like to keep it simple and fuss-free. Also, some brides don’t like to sit for 6 to 7 hours.

This is where minimalism comes in as it remains simple yet takes away everyone’s attention. The best part about this design is that you don’t need a professional mehndi artist as you can easily DIY using a photo such as a simple tikki mehndi design. Choosing a minimalist style for your mehandi doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain patterns.

When talking about minimalist designs you can choose from options like simple square shape, simple Gol tikki mehndi design, simple pretty floral backhand design, backhand design with spacing, bold and curvy floral strokes, Moroccan prints, flowers aligned in circular rings, semi-netted design, Arabian style, clean netted pattern, intricate mandala detailing, classic net patterns, floral motifs design, one-sided floral design, minimal lotus bandala, etc.

5.The Mandala Design

When talking about some latest yet simple mehndi design, nothing can beat the simple Gol tikki mehndi design. Yes, the mandala design. From the fronts of the palm to the backs, you can never go wrong with this design. It all comes down to treating the best circular designs with the prevailing day’s most appropriate colour schemes and fashion trends.

This design has beautiful floral prints, different styles and detailed decorations. It is simple, yet elegant for your big day. It is a classic design and attractive. You can also add stones and glitters to add a whole new look. This design is like a cherry on the cake especially if you’re wearing long sleeves.

The best part is that the mandala design goes with every skin colour. Surely it is one of the best traditional mehndi designs with a modern ethos. There are many designs you can choose from such as bangles mandala mehndi design, chained mandala, floral mandala, Arabic mandala, lotus mandala, peacock mandala, symmetrical mandala, jaali work, patterned, square, Gol mehndi design, etc.

Some Best Mehndi Tips for Bride

Here are some best mehndi tips every bride must bear in mind :

  • Apply mehndi a day before your mehndi function. This way you can really have fun without the fear of getting your mehndi design gone wrong. And of course, you wouldn’t enjoy sitting on the chair and watching your loved ones dancing on your big day?
  • For getting the perfect mehndi design detailing make sure you keep aside two pillows and other stuff beforehand. This stuff includes an old piece of cloth, cotton, lemon & sugar mixture, eucalyptus oil, etc.
  • For manicures and pedicures, do it 3 to 4 days before applying mehndi to get the perfect colour.
  • Never hesitate to show your mehndi artist the design and detailing you to want.
  • Wear clothes that are loose and allow your mehndi to dry naturally.