Unblocked Games Advanced Method: Easily Access to Blocked Games at School


If you had a computer lab in school, then you already know how access to gaming websites and games is prohibited from the school computer network. This is done to reduce distractions and make sure students stay focused on their studies. 

But if all games are banned from the school, children will not be able to take their harmless gaming breaks. This is when cutting-edge methods like the 77 Unblocked Games advanced methods come into play. This enables game access while getting beyond network restrictions. 

Advanced Unblocked Game Technique – Overview 

The term “Unblocked Games Advanced Method” can be understood as a cunning strategy for getting around school networks. It provides access to gaming websites where you can play 76 unblocked games. 

This uses mirrors, VPNs, proxy sites, and other techniques to get over firewalls and unlock games. The technique was created by gaming professionals that offer simple shortcuts for unblocking games. 

There is no need for unlawful hacking or security lapses as this safe solution is used. By using this method, one can play acclaimed games in a variety of genres on their school computers.

Why Have the Schools Blocked Video Games? 

Many reasons have caused schools to restrict gaming sites from their network including

  • To make sure students stay focused during classes 
  • Restrict the students from downloading games that may contain viruses or malware risk
  • Stopping students from getting addicted to video games 
  • Preventing risks of cyberbullying and harassment by using multiplayer games 
  • Limiting bandwidth-intensive gaming from slowing down the network 

Schools have a good intention behind them when they create such barriers to gaming websites. They may resort to actually hacking into the network when they find being restricted or dangerous workarounds. In this case, an Unblocked Games advanced method appears as the safest option.

How Does the Advanced Unblocked Games Method Operate?

There are a few strategies that are used by the Unblocked Games advanced method to get around blocks and unlock the games. These few strategies are listed down to get a clear understanding. 

  • Linking Up Using Mirror Websites

It is very common for gaming websites to have mirror domains or websites that deliver the same information under several URLs. One can easily access games that are prohibited and get around URL blocks using mirror sites which come with different URLs.

  • Making Secure SSL Connections

The SSL or Security Socket Layers encrypts data that travels between the desktop and the website. This stops the traffic content analysis by network surveillance equipment from identifying gaming activities.

  • Using a VPN to Route Traffic 

The Virtual Private Networks ( VPNs ) transport traffic through distant servers by hiding the network identity. With the help of this, you can unblock websites besides getting over network firewalls. Also, you can hide your gaming activities from the network. 

  • Making Use of Proxy Websites

Proxy websites serve as a middleman’s doorway for content that is restricted.When a proxy site is used, the traffic to the proxy URL rather than the actual game website is all that the network finds visible. This allows proxy services to smoothly deliver data to one after retrieving it from a gaming website that may be restricted.

Which Games Have Been Unblocked By This Advanced Technique?

There are many well-liked online games that students popularly use and have unblocked using the Unblocked Games advanced method. Some of these games are mentioned below.

  • Super Mario 63 

Super Mario 63 is a beloved game that comes with additional features, opponents, levels, and power-ups.

  • Basketball Stars 

Basketball Stars is a multiplayer basketball game that offers NBA-style action and realistic visuals. Also, it offers players a chance to assemble their ideal squad.

  • Run 3

Just as the name suggests, this is an endless runner game where players must avoid obstacles as they navigate through space tunnels. 

  • Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless running sequel where the player must avoid obstacles and flee from demon monkeys while they run through the ruins of an old temple.

  • Happy Wheels 

Happy Wheels is among the most exhilarating physics-based vehicle racing games where the player faces a variety of lethal hazards.

Many other games have been unblocked with the Unblocked Games advanced method besides the ones mentioned above. To be precise, these other games are Tetris, Slope, Moto X3M, Stickman Hook, Bullet Force, and more.

What are the Benefits of Using the Unblocked Games Advanced Method?

The Unblocked Games Advanced Method comes with several benefits including

  • Makes it easier to access games on school computers that may be prohibited.
  • It is compatible with all types of browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and more. 
  • Enables risk-free gaming that is free from malware 
  • Prevents the need to break into the school’s network illegally
  • Allows uninterrupted internet gaming experience without lag
  • It can be used on any school computer 
  • Conceal the gaming activity from network traffic and protect privacy
  • It is 100% safe and free to use 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will this Method Slow Down the School Network? 

No, this method will not slow down the school network. This game generates very little network traffic and will not overload the bandwidth nor will it cause any issue.

2.Do You Have Any Applications to Install? 

There is no need to make any type of installation. To access the proxy sites and mirrors, it will use compatible browsers.

3.Can Mobile Devices Use this Method?

Yes, definitely. The mobile devices can use this method to unblock games on the phone by connecting it to the school’s wifi network.

4.Will the School Teachers Be Able to Monitor the Gaming Habits? 

The school teachers will not be able to monitor gaming habits. Simply because security technologies like VPN and SSL are used. This helps to keep monitoring the systems from picking up on the gaming activity. 

5.Are there Any Chances of Facing Any Problems?

No, there are no chances of facing any problems as you use this method. However, this is only applicable if you abide by the acceptable guidelines and steer clear of network hacking.