What are the Benefits of Eating Lemongrass?


Lemongrass is basically a plant which is also known as Citronella. It is tall and stalky tastes citrusy and has a fresh lemony scent. In Thai cookery, it is used as a bug repellent, while in aromatherapy it is utilized as a lemongrass essential oil. 

It is often used as a herb which is used as a preservative in candles, sprays and more. But that’s not it. Lemongrass comes with a wide range of benefits that brings potential health advantages. If you are wondering what those are, then wait. This article will help you to know the enormous benefits of eating lemongrass which can be a healthy addition to your diet. 

1.Treats Insomnia

On consuming lemongrass, you can expect the body’s overactive nerves and muscles to calm down. As it has a relaxing effect, it helps people to fall asleep quickly and aid with insomnia. 

With the presence of sedative qualities, it improves the quality of sleep. Anyone who wants to have a better late-night sleep can drink lemongrass tea or use essential oil.

2.Fights Infections 

Another characteristic of lemongrass that makes it beneficial to consume is its antiseptic properties. It is well known for treating diseases caused by anti-fungal and anti-microbial action like scabies, urinary tract infections, ulcers, scabies and more. 

Lemongrass has the presence of therapeutic properties which aids yeast infection besides other types of infections that are brought by pathogens. It also treats oral and vaginal candidiasis right away.

3.Boosts Immunity 

People who deal with low immunity can start to use lemongrass. As the body undergoes a variety of processes like digestion, breathing, nervous system and more – lemongrass tea aids in multiple ways

It helps in strengthening the immune system of the body. Also, it creates protection from any outside invasion by making most of the nutrients that are already present in the body.

4.Prevents Cancer 

When you choose to consume lemongrass, it can help in successfully treating a variety of malignancies. This is simply because lemongrass helps to protect the healthy cells present in the body. 

Having anti-cancerous properties, it is quite effective in treating skin cancer.  Also having a component called citral, slows the growth and prevents the spread of harmful cells in the body.

5.Treats Obesity

Choosing to use lemongrass means you will be able to combat obesity. There are many people who deal with obesity issues that may lead to other health problems. This is because lemongrass consists of citral which helps in preventing the buildup of belly fat. 

Also, it encourages the breakdown of fat to provide energy. The presence of citral helps in improving the metabolic process of the body by encouraging the oxidation of fatty acids. Also, it helps in lowering the likelihood of weight gain.

Besides, the above-mentioned ways lemongrass can help – it can also help in treating problems like dandruff, Rheumatoid arthritis, Yeast infection, stomach cramps, high blood pressure, diabetes, common cold, achy joints and more.