What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?


Is it that your girlfriend has the habit of calling you daddy? Confused? Or is it that you’ve heard other girls calling their boyfriends daddy? Does it feel like a little thrown off? Okay! These days the daddy term has become very common all over the internet, in memes and even sexually. While some get offended, some do actually enjoy it. And some yet are unaware of it. 

However, since the term has become ironically popular/trendy, why must one be behind? So be it anything, if you’re thinking what does it mean when she calls you daddy, then you’re at the right place. Read on. 

What Does A Girl Intend When She Calls You Daddy?

Before digging deep, it is very important to know what does it mean when she calls you daddy? So when a girl refers to you as “daddy,” it indicates that she has a strong sexual attraction to you. She might fantasize thoughts about you two being sexually involved and feel the need to dominate you in bed. 

Although the word “daddy” could carry some negative connotations in your mind, it is flattering to her. For instance, being called daddy while making love is a good sign. But being called in public can have a different meaning altogether.

Reasons Why She Calls You Daddy 

Just knowing- what does it mean when she calls you daddy isn’t enough. Definitely not. This is probably because there can be many reasons why a girl calls you daddy. To include, here are a few:

She Fantasizes You

The first reason behind a girl calling you daddy can be because she fantasizes about you in her head. Thinking of it as a father-daughter relationship? No, it means something completely different here. This can be sexual acts such as bondage, spanking, hitting hard during intimacy, dominating, etc. Simply put, it can be a turn-on situation for her. So if you’re still wondering- what does it mean when she calls you daddy, know that she likes it when you take the lead in bed. 

She Feels Safe Around You

Another reason why she calls you daddy can be simply because she feels safe around you. In general, dads are always protecting and caring. So if she calls you daddy it can be a good sign. A good sign in a way that you make her feel comfortable and safe. So even if it’s not sexual, you can take it as a compliment. 

A Bad Sign

Unlike compliments, a girl calling you daddy can also be a negative approach. This means it can be a trauma of her life that she indulged in during her younger days. Another bad sign can be that she likes being with an older man, someone who is more mature. However, you can take this either as a compliment or personally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to react if you don’t like the daddy term?

Ans- Does it annoy you when she calls you daddy? Thinking how to react? The best bet would be to always ask your partner what pet names she likes. She might prefer something else such as “babe” or “baby,” or vice versa. Discover her preferences and make sure to keep the conversation smooth as it might trigger her trauma if any. 

2. Does every girl like calling her boyfriend daddy? 

Ans- Firstly not every person is the same. Undoubtedly every individual has their own choice and preferences. So the straight answer here is that for some it might work, but for some, it simply doesn’t. Similarly, some men like being called daddy while some don’t. So it’s always better to have a truthful conversation with your partner. 

3. Why does a guy like to be called daddy? 

Ans- A man enjoys being called “daddy” because it makes him feel powerful, in charge and strong. Typically, when a girl refers to her father as “Daddy,” she is referring to him as her superior. It boosts testosterone and ego in males and makes them feel stronger and more capable. 

4. Should you call him daddy in public?

Ans- Although some men would rather be called dads, calling a man a dad in public is not suitable. Just like it is important for a man to know- what does it mean when she calls you daddy, it is also crucial for a girl to know when and where to call him so. This is because guys enjoy saying that in private, but it’s advisable to refrain from doing it in public. However, if you use this term in public, make sure to keep the discourse polite and open. 

Take Care of Your Relationship- Don’t Forget this Ever!

When in a relationship, it truly becomes a sweet and good connection between two persons. If a girl calls you daddy, you must either go with the flow or talk to her about your feelings. Similarly, if your man doesn’t like to be termed as daddy, talk to him and show patience. Be it any matter, always make sure to respect each other’s feelings and preferences.