Which is the Most Popular Online Game of 2023 and Why?


Are you trying to find the most popular online games in 2023? Well, then know that there are many. But a game that tops the list and has become the heartthrob of every gamer is PUBG. This game outperforms expectations in terms of numbers and has overtaken the era with every passing day. But what makes this game so perfect and popular? Why has it become the first preference of many? Find out about everything by reading this article until the end. 

It’s None other than PUBG!

What is PUBG?

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground was launched in the year of 2017. In this game, around 100 players are dropped into the island and are required to scavenge the island contents of different types. These contents include armour, weapon attachment, ammo, healing goods, and many more. The players have to fight their way out to win the battle as they rush to equip themselves at the same time.

What Makes PUBG the Best Game in 2023?

There are many reasons why PUBG has become the most preferred game in 2023. Some of these reasons are listed below.

  • Longer Games

The reason why games like PUBG is because the games are ongoing. PUBG is not limited to ending within 10 minutes. The game duration entirely depends on how you play it. For instance, if you are a good player, the game can run for hours. But if you end up getting killed, then the game can end in just 30 seconds. Having a game that keeps you going for so long is what people like the most about it.

  • Realistic Experience 

PUBG offers a realistic experience to the players which no other game can offer. From the amazing graphics, physics, terrain, weapons and loads of other players- the sense of urgency is increased with the game. Players experience an elevated heart rate as well as light perspiration while playing this game. PUBG’s realistic features are enticing which is quite better than the cartoonish aesthetic that other games offer.

  • Multiple Ways of Playing

Another amazing part of PUBG that makes it the best is that it offers multiple ways of playing the game. There is no particular fighting style that may result in victory. Players can get the victory by playing as they want using their own strategies and skills. From using weapons of your choice to movements – you will feel like you are in the real Battleground. Moreover, players can talk with other players and team up to gain victory. 

  • Exciting Tournaments

There are a variety of contests that PUBG players can take part in. All these competitions are well-liked choices as they not only promise excitement but also a thrill. PUBG also hosts a variety of events every year regardless of the fact if you play it on your mobile device or your computer. By taking part in these tournaments, you can develop into one of the top PUBG gamers of all time.