Flutter App Development for Startups: How Companies Are Accelerating Growth with Flutter


Have you ever wondered- Why some recently launched startups have gained a strong market foothold while some are still struggling? 

It’s pretty simple! 

The difference lies in the kind of experience they provide to their customers via mobile app! 

Be it attracting your target audience, or increasing overall sales, the right app development framework is essential for your startup. 

This is where the importance of Flutter app development comes in! 

Flutter is an open-source framework that allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps from a single codebase. Whether you want to build a mobile app for Android or iOS, Flutter can help you out with quick turnaround time. 

In this post, we’ll discuss; 

  • What is Flutter?
  • Key Statistics Related to Flutter App Development
  • Features and Benefits of Flutter App Development
  • How much does Flutter app development cost?

Let’s dive in!

Understanding Flutter: What is It?

Developed by Google, Flutter is a popular cross-platform app development framework that allows developers to build high-quality apps. Backed by an extensive widget library and reactive framework, it is an ideal option to build apps for multiple OS and devices. Since it leverages a single codebase, startups find it attractive as they don’t have to write different code for a different operating system. This, in turn, helps save significant time and resources during the app development process.

Speaking of its popularity, Flutter has gained more than 152k stars on GitHub as per the reports from April 2023. 

Well, that’s the popularity of Flutter!

If that’s not enough, then let’s take a quick look at some other key Flutter app development.

Key Facts & Statistics Related to Flutter App Development

Here are some surprising facts about Flutter app development. 

  • More than 2 million developers have used Flutter for mobile app development. 
  • As per surveys conducted, 90% of Flutter app developers will enhance the overall user experience. 
  • The global Flutter users are expected to reach nearly 29 million people by 2024. 

These facts show that Flutter is growing at an exponential rate!

In today’s tech-driven landscape, building an app that not only looks beautiful but performs well is important. Thus, Flutter enables developers to achieve both these goals while saving time and effort. 

Now, the question arises- Why do startups prefer Flutter for mobile app development?

Let’s find out!

Key Features and Benefits of Flutter for Mobile App Development

Here is the list of the reasons to consider the Flutter app development framework.

#1. Hot Reload Feature 

One of the key features of Flutter is that it comes with a “Hot Reload” feature that enables developers to implement and view changes. Furthermore, developers don’t need to invest significant time in the redeployment of the code to view changes they just made. It also showcases the updates in the current state of the app which allows developers to execute the code without stopping. Just because of the feature, it’s easier to make updates. 

#2. Extensive Collection of Widgets 

Another benefit of Flutter is that it comes with abundant widgets that help boost the functionality and performance of your app. Some of the common widgets may include fonts, scrolling, icons, navigation, and more. With the implementation of such widgets, customers will get a native-like experience while using the app. 

#3. High-Performance Apps 

Another major reason to consider Flutter for mobile app development is that it is backed by Dart language and Skia graphic engine. The former allows the need for a declarative layout language like JSX and XML. Since the layout of Dart is programmatic, developers find it easy to visualize and read it. On the other hand, the latter, i.e., the Skia graphic engine facilitates smooth scrolling within the app to foster a seamless user experience. 

#4. Access to Native Features 

With Flutter, developers will have access to a wide range of features including cameras, sensors, and GPS. Well, this means that you don’t need to find additional third-party libraries or plugins. Since the cross-platform framework comes with native functionalities, it will improve the app’s usability. Thus, businesses can enjoy enhanced user experience. 

#5. Open-Source

Lastly, Flutter is an open-source platform that is ideal for building a solid app for startups and established businesses. Furthermore, the framework is equipped with material designs, including rich motion APIs, Cupertino Widgets, smooth scrolling behavior, and more. With such a wide range of design options, developers can simplify a project’s complexity and make it a performance-driven asset for your startup. 

How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost for Your Startup?

It is no secret that Flutter is an ideal choice for startups looking to spruce up their digital game. No matter whether you want to build an Android or iOS app, Flutter is a viable solution. However, the cost of developing an app using Flutter is based on multiple factors, including your project’s needs, complexities, functionalities, and professionals. 

Ensure you frame a budget in mind and then choose the best Flutter app development company to do it for you! 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! As a startup, building the right mobile app is essential to your business’ success!

Flutter, as you can see, is a game-changer for startups looking to gain a strong market foothold. Due to its cross-platform capabilities, faster time to market, and abundant features and widgets, startups can thrive and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. 

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