How to Find Your LinkedIn Profile URL on Mobile App?


You may find someone with a similar name as yours on LinkedIn. But what differentiates you from them is the LinkedIn URL. Every user has their own URL on the site that distinguishes them from others. 

As a result, rather than just asking for the name of the profile, you may find recruiters asking for URLs. This is because the URL can help one to get more details. But how do you find the link to the LinkedIn URL within the app? Well, to know about that, you must read until the end to discover more. 

Step-By-Step Process of Finding the URL in the LinkedIn Profile on the Mobile App 

It is very easy to find the URL that corresponds to the LinkedIn profile when using the mobile app. Wondering how to locate it? Then, here are the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow until the end.

  • In the first step, you need to open the LinkedIn application and tap on the image of the profile when it appears. 
  • Tap the view profile button and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page that appears in the “contact” area.
  • In the section of LinkedIn named ” your profile “, you can find the URL for the profile. On this website, there is a section like this. 
  • In order to copy, open and share something, tap and hold it for a brief period of time. 
  • Once done, you can share it with others easily. 

Frequently Asked Question 

  • Why is my LinkedIn URL Unchangeable?

The LinkedIn URL is basically a unique numeric identifier that is assigned to the users. It can be easily changed every three months as much as five times. 

You will not be allowed to change the URL after the fifth modification. 

  • Why Does My LinkedIn URL Not Work?

You may receive a message stating “LinkedIn URL must be a valid URL”at times. This basically shows that not all the elements can be regarded as valid URLs. The URL of the link you clicked may be the reason why this error might happen as it does not begin with “https://.”

  • What Does Having A LinkedIn ID Mean?

Having a LinkedIn Account or Profile in today’s era is all about networking. Anyone who seeks a job must have a LinkedIn profile. It is being in the position of leveraging your connections for referrals and resources. Also, it gives recruiters a chance to understand and summarize their professional experience. 

  • Is It Needed to Have A LinkedIn URL?

As the market is quite competitive in today’s era, you must have a link to the LinkedIn page. This should be present in the section of the resume that lists the contact information. There is a chance that most potential employers would not offer you an interview if they cannot find you on LinkedIn. Hence, having a profile seems to be a great option.