What are the Top 5 Challenges Faced by Today’s Digital Marketers?


Current marketing trends say that digital marketing is the face behind every marketing practice. Whether you are going to establish a new business or you want great exposure for your existing business, digital marketing is the key to success. So you can easily predict that digital marketing is one of the most popular career options nowadays. But the career path as a digital marketer is not very easy either. You must be astonished to know that everyday digital marketers face loads of challenges in their way. Here we are going to point out the top 5 challenges faced by today’s digital marketers. 

What are the Most Challenging Issues Faced by a Digital Marketer?

Despite the digital marketing profession being a top career option for the new generation, there are some constraints that can stop them from growing in their career path. Following are some of the major issues faced by a digital marketer –

1. Lead Generation

The most important part of getting a successful digital marketing career is to generate potential leads, which means finding potential customers who are interested in your digital marketing products. But as per a report of HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017, it is clearly visible that many digital marketers are facing issues in lead generation because of the availability of frequent platforms.

2. Creating Interesting Content

Getting the audience’s interest in your marketing agendas and presentations depends on how engaging and interesting your contents are. A level of understanding of your client’s demand, having a good knowledge of the rival’s content quality etc. is required to create engaging content for your client. But in most cases, marketers fail to understand this process and that’s why their contents become average, losing client’s interest. 

3. Sustain the Market Compilation

The next big challenge faced by digital marketers is to sustain the market competition. There are so many digital marketing companies nowadays. So to offer the best deal to clients is very important. Small digital marketing companies struggle to face market competition as big digital marketing farms can grab most of the clients with commercial deals. As a result, many start-up businesses failed to make their way into the business. 

4. Budget Constraints

To carry out any business you need a sufficient budget. Most digital marketers failed to arrange sufficient budget for the smooth functioning of their goal. The absence of a sufficient budget will become a bigger issue to arrange staff salaries, equipment purchases and funding other business expenses on time. In the long run, this shortage of funds will only get bigger. That’s why before starting a digital marketing company or becoming a digital marketer, the first thing you should keep in mind is to arrange a sufficient budget. Many small start-up businesses failed in this aspect. 

5. Targeting Right Audience 

Last, but not least, another typical issue faced by today’s digital marketers is to find the right audience. Many digital marketers designed their content without understanding the interest of the right audience for the brand. As a result, the content failed to attract the right traffic and a marketer may lose their client forever.  


Apart from the above 5 challenges, there are a lot of other problems faced by a digital marketer. But every profession has its own ups and downs. Facing challenges should not be an excuse to stop pursuing your goal. Rather these issues should be treated as lessons and you have to learn from them.