Who Was the First Person on Earth? Homo Sapiens or Something Else?


Science states that it is difficult to identify the very first person to inhabit the planet. This is simply because of the fact that natural selection over millions of years allowed humans to evolve from earlier primates. There are numerous critical junctures in human evolution which have led to the evolution of modern humans, as per scientists. However, the question still remains constant Who Was the First Person On Earth? 

Here, in this brief article, we’ll be discussing this topic where you’ll get a good insight into the first human being on earth and what the scientists and researchers say about this. 

Homo Sapiens: Evolution of The First Ever Human Being On Earth

It is estimated that around 300,000 years ago in Africa – the Homo Sapiens or anatomically modern humans began to evolve. Eventually, this species took over the entire planet. This led to displacing earlier human species including Homo erectus and Neanderthals. 

Fossil Records | The Primary and Major Source for Understanding the First Human Existence On Earth

Fossil records have also shed light on how early people evolved. It is known that the human fossils that were found in Ethiopia dated around 2.8 million years ago. These belong to the Australopithecus Afarensis species. It is known that these species were a member of the Homo Genus which also included the contemporary humans.

Migration- Need for Migrating from Africa to Other Parts

Early people left Africa and dispersed over the globe as they developed. What led to the influence of migration trend are two main elements including climate change and resource availability. 

Genetic Variation| Formation of Modern Human Beings

If you are thinking Who Was the First Person On Earth, then you must know that 

as per the genetic tests, modern humans have descended from a tiny group of people. These people lived in Africa around 200,000 years ago. These living beings possessed a wide variety of genetic variants which enabled them to live and adapt to many surroundings.

Concluding the Topic- “Who Was the First Person to Exist On Earth?”

Scientists and researchers have pinpointed critical junctures in human evolution that have resulted in the emergence of modern humans – Even though it can be really difficult to find out Who Was the First Person On Earth? These include migration, genetic variety, the evolution of Homo sapiens, and fossil records can result to be helpful in reaching a proper conclusion.