4 Daily Face Exercises for Glowing Skin


Our skin is one of the most fragile parts of the body which gets directly impacted with a lot of things. From stress because of modern lifestyle to UV exposures, the skin may start to become dull. This may further lead to lowering self-esteem and speeding up the signs of ageing. It is very important to make time and effort to maintain the skin’s health. 

Besides just eating the right food items to maintain a proper diet or following a skincare regime every night – there are other straightforward ways like exercising daily to treat the skin with the best care. But what are these exercises remains a constant question. To know about some of the best dailyface exercises, you must read this article until the end.

  • Lift Your Eyebrows 

One of the first things that you need to do as regular exercise for glowing skin is this. To begin with the exercise, you need to use your index fingers and place them above the eyebrows. Then make an attempt to raise your eyebrows while pushing them using your fingers. 

Doing this can help in toning the tension down and offer relaxation. Also, it can help in lowering the occurrence of wrinkles on your skin ensuring you get a healthy and glowing skin type. 

  • Yoga Exercise 

In the next step, you can opt to perform yoga exercises to get glowing skin. Without yogic breathing exercises, your facial exercises would mean nothing and also would not show fruitful results. 

As respiratory changes impact the skin and the body, performing regular facial yoga exercises can help in many ways. When you perform abdominal breathing or nostril breathing exercises, it can help in restoring balance and promote healthy skin. 

  • Performing Eye Circles 

Another exercise to perform is the eye circles as it helps in improving oxygen flow around the area. By using your fingers and placing them on the inside of the eyebrows, you need to keep tapping them on the temples. Make sure to do this for a minute or two. 

Then repeat the process under the eye area up towards performing a circle from where you began. Doing this regularly will help in reducing puffiness and clear out dark circles as well. Also, it will assist in stimulating the facial muscles and help you get desired results.

  • Practice Dumbbell Technique 

The next type of facial exercise to get glowing skin is the Dumbbell technique. This exercise is centred focusing the chin area as it promotes sharpness and aids in helping those with a double chin.  To perform this exercise, you need to lift your face upwards and open and shut your mouth repeatedly. Then bring your face back to the normal position and keep repeating the exercise at least 5 times a day. Doing this for fifteen to thirty seconds a day can help you in getting glowing skin by strengthening and tightening the facial muscles.